Beverly Hills Moving Company

Beverly Hills is home to some of the most prominent names of the American entertainment industry. It is a plush shopaholic’s destination as well because the world renowned Rodeo Drive shopping district is located here. People from all over the United States of America move to this destination for different reasons like in search for better livelihood opportunities to leading an extravagant lifestyle. So, if you are willing to move (to or from) Beverly Hills and are in need of a professional and reliable moving company, we are happy to help!

Office Movers

office cubicle movers

With years of experience in this industry, we make sure that your office cubicle moving becomes stress-free and with minimal to no downtime. Here, at My American Movers Inc., the office moving experts know the value of your precious time and likewise plan every element of the move. The involvement of our representatives to attention to details make your move successful. Our moving services within 100-mile radius depends up on the number of movers requested to conduct the move. The pricing of the same is either calculated on an hourly basis or you will be given a flat rate as per your choice. For a free visual estimate, call us at 818-781-9957.

Long Distance Movers

long moving

It is possible to have best of both worlds viz. a reliable and on-time move in a surprisingly affordable price. We know that you expect unwavering commitment to quality service throughout your long distance move from the long moving company, and we assure you to exceed your expectations. Our trained crews will assist you with full inventory, preparation and export packing for the long haul move. If you wish to get a free visual estimate, one of our agents and/or freight forwarders will contact you.

Residential Movers

household moving

Residential moving can be tedious as it involves different variables best known to moving service companies. Hiring a professional household moving company like My American Movers Inc., a BBB accredited company is the most effective and affordable solution. Our local household good moves within 100 mile radius and is based on an hourly rate depending upon the number of movers requested. We provide professional packing services as well. However, if you have packed your items in advance, we will provide you with the moving blankets, pads and 5-8 wardrobe boxes free to use for transportation purposes. Thus, our company takes the hassle out of your mansion moving process.

Commercial Movers

commercial moving

Moving a business is as difficult as moving a house – both commercial moving and residential moving requires comprehensive planning. This is a task that requires a great deal of accuracy and organization. We make sure that your confederate move suffers no downtime and you start operation as quickly as possible post your move causing least amount of hassle to your staff and client. We have been providing container moving services for several years now and our friendly staff will give you what you need most. With a minimum order, we provide free box delivery. For further information, please call drop a mail at or call us at 818-781-9957.